About me

My name is Kaif Cheema. I am a Certified fitness trainer and a Professional bodybuilder. I have been doing bodybuilding for last 8 years. Through out this tenure, I have won many championships and have been nominated for many awards. I hope to provide you best fitness training and right supplement so that your journey towards a healthy life become successful. I’m here to share my knowledge with you guys. About Fitness Training, Nutritionists, Diet plan Fat loss, Weight Gain, Also you can buy Original supplements here.

My Competitions

Mr Punjab 2018 

Mr. Gujranwala Division 2018

Mr. Sialkot 2018

Mr. Junior Gujranwala division (2016)

Mr. Junior Sialkot (2015)

Mr. Daska (2015)

Champion Gujranwala division (2013)🎖

Champion Daska (2013)🏅

National Master Power lifting gold medalist (2013)🎖

Champion Sialkot (2012)🏅

Punjab youth power lifting gold medalist (2012)🎖


📚 American Council on Exercise ( ACE )

📚 Certified personal fitness trainer

📚 American accredited certificate holder
( ISSA ) International Sports Science Association

📚Certified Certificate Holder in CPR First Aid

📚 American accredited certificate holder.

📚 REPS Certified 

📚Certified level 2 ( PBBF )